Atiara Game Project

Atiara is a personal game project that I developed the concept idea and the character design. The project was created for my graduation final project. The game is an adventure game, inspired by the Amazon rainforest legends and culture. Atiara is the main character, that needs to save the earth from the cursed monsters.

For the first phase of the project I developed the concept of 4 important characters: Atiara, the main character; Dinahi, cursed mermaid; Begorotire, cursed god of rain and Mapinguari, the cursed giant. 

Follow above the final designs, concepts and videos.
Atiara - Final illustration
Atiara - ModelSheet
Dinahi - Final illustration
Begorotire - Final illustration
Mapinguari - Final illustration
Atiara game project - concept ideas
Atiara - 3D Model by Glaubert Souza
Atiara Game Blu-ray
Atiara Brand
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