My role on the project: Interaction design | UI design | 2D artist | Brand design (game logo) | Portuguese localization
Platform: Android | iOS
Developed by: CelleC Games:
Dig 4 Dino is a free-to-play, infinite Puzzle-Runner/Educational game focused on teaching its players the basics of Paleontology. In Dig 4 Dino, players take the role of an aspiring paleontologist who is tasked with helping Mr. Jigsby with populating his new museum with awe-inspiring dinosaur bones!  Using their trusty shovel, players will dig down deep into the Earth collecting fossils, dodging subterranean hazards and avoiding creepy-crawly enemies. After a hard day’s digging, you can stop by the museum and check out what fossils you have excavated. By attending the museum, players can learn the scientific history behind each bone and what it ultimately makes up… DINOSAURS!
1.0) Main menu and options
In the main menu, the player can turn on or off the music and game sounds, also access options for language, reset game and credits. Also in the main menu, the player can tap on the More Games button to have access to more CelleC Games.
2.0) Museum and Journal
In the museum, the player can check their progress by accessing the journal, relics and the dinos. The journal has all the information related to each dig run, the player can navigate between runs and compare the results.
3.0) Store - Power-ups
After a dig run, the player can check the journal, dig again or go to the museum. The power-up screen must appear when the player has at least 5 coins to buy a power-up, otherwise, the dig run count-down starts right away.
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