My role on the project: Interaction design
Collaborators: Mirella Ricci (Visual design), Alice Santos (Visual design), Nara Osga (Visual design), Mauricio Gomes (Interaction design), Robson Pereira (Interaction design)
Platform: Windows Phone 8, 8.1
Mobile: Lumia 630 with Digital TV
In the year of 2013, Microsoft was planning to launch a new mobile phone with two chips and digital TV for the Brazilian market. INDT had the responsibility to design the concept and develop this application, and I had the opportunity to work on this project as an interaction designer until the launch. In the year of 2014, the mobile phone was successfully launched with our Digital TV application. 
The project was challenging and interesting to work on, because while we were designing the application, we ran some usability tests that helped us to draw a better user interface. We also analyzed the competitors, who had a lot of usability problems, for instance, confusing menus, hidden features and strange icons. Based on these findings, we created a very different, beautiful and practical application.
 1.0) Digital TV - changing channels
Based on some usability findings, the team decided to keep the flick gesture for the change channels feature, and also to allow the user to change the channels by tapping the channel slot. Some competitors have both features, however, the feedback regarding the channel loading is poor and confusing. Because of that, we designed clear feedback for the TV loading area and also a color feedback on the channel slot. 
 2.0) Digital TV - Settings
As a TV application, the settings menu must not distract the user. If the user wants to access some options, he or she must tap the live TV area to bring the live menu and then access the windows phone app bar settings. Based on usability tests, we discovered that the users preferred a clean UI, that he or she can access without being distracted while watching TV. 
2.1) Digital TV - Settings - Closed captions
On settings, the user is allowed to enable closed captions for the current channel. Also, enable parental control and interactive applications (Ginga aplications - LUA). 
 3.0) Digital TV - Print-screen and Recording 
The user is allowed to take a print-screen or record the show while it is playing. He or she is able to do that by tapping the print-screen or record icons in the live menu. By doing this, the show still appears but there is a visual feedback at the top of the screen confirming the current action and file storage.  
4.0) Visual
Digital TV application visual by Nara Osga, Mirella Ricci and Alice Santos.
Nokia Lumia 630 with Digital TV. You can watch the application running at 3:18 minutes on this video. 
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