My role on the project: Interaction design
Collaborators: Glaubert Oliveira (Visual design), Giselle Rossi (Interaction design), Patricia Montenegro (Visual design)
Platform: MeeGo
Mobile: n800, n810, n900

The year of 2009 was the beginning of big touch screens and the popularity of digital books. Nokia had the necessity to create an e-Reader for the new platform MeeGo. They already had some e-Readers for Symbian, however, they were very limited and the screen was very small. The device created to support the MeeGo platform had a large screen and a physical keyboard, perfect for an e-Reader application. Based on that, INdT was designated to concept this application, starting in Recife/PE and then the project was continued in Manaus/AM Brazil.

The application would bear PDF books and EPUB, giving the user the possibility to configure the reading. The Books Store was the Ovi Bookshop, where the user was able to buy a book there, download and read instantly, everything easily integrated. 

Unfortunately, the application was not launched because the MeeGo platform was discontinued, however, this project was amazing to work on. I had the opportunity to be the Product Owner of the project with Patricia Montenegro.
1.0) E-Reader home
On this screen, the user is able to navigate between books recently bought, being read and oldest readings. The user just need to flick right or left to find a book. At the bottom of the screen, there is some buttons to access new areas, such: My books, Store and Search.
 2.0) Reading
During the reading, the user is able to access the Reading properties and change some aspects, like orientation, text size, brightness and others.  
3.0) My Books
The user can access "My Books"  from the Home. There, the user can Sort by recents, book name and author, also search for books, remove, edit some settings and get help. 
3.1) Search
If the user types any word on the keyboard, the search box appear, filtering the books based on the letters typed. 
4.1) e-Reader landscape mode
Visual design by Glaubert Oliveira.  
4.1) e-Reader portrait mode
Visual design by Glaubert Oliveira.  
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