My role on the project: Interaction design
Collaborators: Milton Onodera (Visual design)
Platform: Windows Phone 7.0, 7.1, 7.5
Mobile: Nokia Lumia with a compatible platform

The ideasmusik was a music application for Windows Phone platform. The user was able to buy a song and also subscribe an special plan with the service. In our application we created a very interesting design for the player and interactions, very different from the platform native player. 

Now the service is called Claromúsica and works on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. The application is the same, however the visual design was modified following the new visual identity from Claro. 
 1.0) Login and access
The user must create an account to access the ideasmusik content. 
 2.0) Search
The user is able to search an artist, album or songs by using the search feature. 
3.0) Player
We designed a very interesting player. The user was able to access the queue list from the bottom, just by tapping or flicking the area to the top.  
4.0) Visual
ideasmusik visual by Milton Onodera. 
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