My role on the project: Interaction design
Collaborators: Glaubert Oliveira (Visual design)
Platform: MeeGo
Mobile: n800, n810, n900

The Project idea is an application that can help the user to choose the best route using the public transportation or by foot. By geolocation, the application can find the user localization and generate the best routes, the user can also save destinations, check more route options, invert the location and zoom and out the map.
1.0) Where do you wanna go?
At the beginning the user must select the destination and select where from, it can either be a saved place or the current location.
2.0) Map screen
After tapping on the search button, a map screen appear to the user, showing the available routes, map controls, from and to and a save button.
3.0) Routes
The user can check different routes, mixing by foot, by train and bus. This details depens on user city location.
4.0) Zoom
The user can zoom in or zoom out by tapping or drag and drop the controls.
5.0) Visual Design by Glaubert Oliveira.
6.0) Visual Design by Glaubert Oliveira.
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