My role on the project: Interaction design | UI design | 2D artist | Brand design (game logo)
Collaborator: Nick David Bakerjian (Lead Game Designer)
Platform: Android tablet
Developed by: WOS Games
Sun Sentinels is an entertaining, Egyptian themed tower defense game where players complete 7 stages of challenges, defending scarabs who are incubating eggs from waves of enemies. The main goal is to keep the scarabs in each level safe from enemies by placing towers around the map, and altering the path that enemies will move across.
1.0) Main menu and secrets
In the main menu, the player can turn on or off the music and game sounds, also access secrets, remove ads and credits.
2.0) Loading and World Map
The player progress in the game by defeating each temple in the World Map.
* This project is in development, more details soon.
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